Corpor∆te Citizenship

A Message From Joe Woody:

New beginnings are always exciting: they provide the opportunities to start fresh and forge new paths that will ultimately become part of your history.

For Avanos, 2018 was our new beginning, and what a year it was! Born from solid roots in the healthcare industry, we hit the ground running. In just half a year, we launched our new name and brand, successfully sold our Surgical & Infection Prevention business and completed a significant acquisition – all in the midst of a major IT technology transformation!

We delivered a solid financial performance during our first year and remain on track to continue investing in our diverse portfolio to accelerate growth over time. Despite industry-wide challenges, we remain focused on serving our customers by streamlining our business to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

While I take great pride in our financial performance, I’m even more proud of our commitment to being an agent for change. We embarked on this journey with a desire to be different – and to earn a reputation for innovation and excellence in the medical device space.

Being a good corporate citizen means that our care extends beyond the patients who benefit from our products. We’re also committed to operating ethically and responsibly, complying with all applicable regulations around the world. We partner with suppliers who mirror our integrity by offering quality products, while operating safely and sustainably.

Our commitment to corporate citizenship is also reflected in our strong stand on opioid abuse – an epidemic with far-reaching societal effects. Avanos is committed to helping reduce and eliminate opioid abuse by offering alternate methods of pain relief. We believe that by living our values and working collaboratively, we will achieve our vision at being the best at getting patients back to the things that matter.

Thank you for your interest in Avanos!