Corpor∆te Citizenship

A Message from the CEO

When we formed Avanos in 2018, we took great care and consideration in establishing our Vision, Mission and Values – the guiding principles of our business. It is with these principles and the clearly defined plans that support them that we serve our customers, employees and shareholders.

Now, in our second year, our focus is on acceleration – pushing forward to achieve the goals we set for ourselves as part of our formation. We recognize that progress is only attainable through change, and we will never allow ourselves to become complacent or content with the status quo.

Despite the industry challenges we faced in 2019, we made great progress in a number of areas, including the completion of the many projects associated with the sale of our S&IP business; investing in priority areas to fuel our growth; and completing several acquisitions to sustain our long-term strategy.

And while we recognize the need for continued growth and transformation to meet the changing requirements of our stakeholders, one area where we will never waver is in our commitment to operating as a good corporate citizen. Our stakeholders inspire us to do better while pursuing our vision of being the best at getting patients back to the things that matter.

We recognize that financial performance means little unless it goes hand in hand with responsibility and integrity. We champion causes that benefit not only our company, but the communities where we live and work. We continue the fight against opioid abuse by finding innovative pain relief alternatives. And we partner with suppliers who share our values and operate sustainable businesses ethically and safely.

We’re pleased to share this report with you, and thank you for your interest in Avanos!

Joseph F. Woody
Chief Executive Officer
Avanos Medical