Medic∆l Device Tr∆nsition Questions

As previously communicated, Halyard Health, Inc. sold its surgical & infection prevention business (surgical gowns, drapes, sterilization solutions, gloves, facemasks and protective apparel) to Owens & Minor. Subsequently, Halyard’s medical device business (respiratory health, digestive health, acute and chronic pain) has been renamed Avanos Medical, Inc.

Currently, Avanos Medical and O&M Halyard operate on shared systems. We are now entering the second of several phases – which will continue into 2019 – as we transition into two distinct businesses and begin the process of separating our IT systems.

We are committed to a smooth transition and avoiding any ordering, shipping or payment delays. Please take the following steps effective Sept. 17, 2018:

*NOTE: In the case of a vendor name change, if your company’s protocol is to cancel the existing vendor and set up a new vendor, versus changing name and contact information, please cancel the Halyard vendor effective Sept. 16, 2018.

Other Information to Achieve a Seamless Transition

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal will be shared by both O&M Halyard and Avanos Medical. You will continue to access both medical devices and surgical and infection prevention supplies using your current login and password.

  • Distributor Price Agreement Notifications
    • Daily portal notifications will continue to be received.
  • Distributor List Price
    • There are no changes to Avanos Medical list pricing until further notice.

Avanos will be launching a new customer portal with an exciting new look and feel. If you were a previous user of the Halyard portal, you have been automatically signed up in the new Avanos portal. If you are not a previous portal user, please sign up prior to August 1. A separate, detailed communication will be sent to Customer Portal users shortly on these changes.

All pricing notifications will be sent in a similar format via the new Avanos customer portal. Please alert the pricing team at if you have questions about pricing notices.

Units of Measure

As part of our transition to our new IT ERP system, we are standardizing our unit of measures to provide clarity and reduce shipping errors. Note that our physical packaging is not changing – just what we call certain UOM levels.

All products will have a base UOM of an EACH regardless of the packaging.  If you are currently ordering products as EA (EACH), there will be no change and you can continue to do so without impact. (Note: If we sell in a higher level UOM, your EACH order quantity will be rounded up to sell a full unit).

We are introducing two new units of measure terminology, the dispenser and the master carton.

Effective August 1st, we will introduce a new unit of measure, the DISPENSER. The DISPENSER will be available for a specific range of product codes to distinguish the level of packaging between an EACH and a CASE. Please note for these products, if you are currently ordering them in CASE the number of single products (EACHes) in a CASE will change. It is critical that your system is updated, and your purchase orders reflect the change to avoid over ordering excess quantities.

ACTION REQUIRED: Review the attached product list to ensure your ordering system reflects the correct selling UOM with the appropriate number of EACH units.  Please updates any items you purchase in a CASE that have now changed to a DISPENSER.  These specific codes impacted have been highlighted, however, we recommend you take this opportunity to review all Avanos products.

Freight Minimum

Effective August 1st we are switching from a quantity to a dollar minimum order. Avanos will pay the freight for orders equal to or above a minimum order of $10,000. Orders below this amount will be charged freight and a handling fee as done previously

EDI Direct Connections

Our IT department, in conjunction with your IT department, has prepared the new connections for all EDI transactions. EDI transactions will be stopped at 7:00 p.m. EDT on July 30, 2019 as we switch our AS2 connection to Avanos. Please begin using the new connection after 7:00 p.m. on July 30, 2019

If you have questions or concerns regarding your EDI transactions please contact please contact

Owens & Minor Halyard Orders

Effective Monday July 29, 2019, Avanos will no longer accept orders that include Owens & Minor Halyard products.

Shipping and Returns Blackout Period

Shipping Blackout Period – To prepare our IT systems for the change-over to our new SAP S/4 Hana ERP computer system, we will have limited shipping on Tuesday July 30, 2019 and no shipping on Wednesday July 31, 2019 to our North American Customers. Our offices will be open, and Customer Service will still be available to take your questions and orders via phone or email. We plan to resume shipping on August 1, 2019. Please plan your orders accordingly to limit any disruption in supply.

Returns Blackout – Beginning Friday July 19, 2019 no returns will be processed. You will receive notification when we resume processing returns

GHX and Vizient EDI Connections

Effective August 1st, Halyard will be renamed to Avanos in the GHX Registration Center. No action is required on your part and you can continue to place Avanos orders via your existing connection.

Shipping and Invoice Documents for Medical Devices are Changing

Effective Sept.17, 2018 all shipping documents for medical devices, currently reading Halyard Health will now reflect Avanos Medical.

Any applicable Freight and Handling charges will now be referenced as “surcharges” on the invoice printout. These charges will be spread across the individual line items and reflected as part of the “Invoice Value” for each item.

Payment Remit-to Address

There is no change to the current remit-to address.  Please process Avanos vendor payments using your current payment method.  If you have questions concerning payment processes, please contact

Chargebacks and Sales Tracings

Continue to submit chargeback and sales tracing files as you do today.  If you have questions please contact

New Packaging

For information tied to our new Avanos-branded packaging, visit:

Please fill out the form below to provide contact information for anyone in your organization who should receive communications about the transition.

If you have any questions, please email or call us at or 1-844-4Avanos (1-844-428-2667).

As decisions are finalized throughout the separation process, we will continue to provide you with timely information about changes that may impact you. Thank you for your continued loyalty and partnership.